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Business negotiation in the Middle East
Business culture in the Middle East
Cultural aspect of the negotiation

We are proud to unveil the list of our workshops, seminars and conferences for the 2023 season.

Again this year, all our activities will be in small groups, a maximum of 6 people, or individual in our Laval office.


Our trainings are given by our president, Mr. Abdel Kabir Belbsir M.A. as well as guest trainers.

                                         - Business culture in the Middle East, "the art of negotiation with the Gulf countries. "

( 6 hours )


- Geopolitics of the Middle East.

( 4 hours )


- Religion and business in the Middle East

( 3 hours )

- Public communication.

( 3 hours )

- Business leadership.

( 3 hours )

- Between media and social networks.

( 3 hours )

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